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What We Want to Do for You

It is more than just business for us at Discount Motor City.  We are a used car dealership in Surry, BC, but it is much more than that to us.

Our goal is to be trustworthy and trusted by our customers.  We want to build our business selling used cars in Surrey, BC, so you get the “WOW” from your car buying experience.

  • We want you to be able to say, “WOW, I got excellent service and a great deal.”
  • We want your family and friends to say “WOW” that is a great vehicle.

We want to help you buy a vehicle that makes you feel proud, you are excited to own, is safe to drive, and provides you with trouble-free motoring.

About Us

We are two families concealed as what we want people to see.  A great business for used car sales in Surrey, BC, helping our customers buy what they want and delivering “WOW” to their buying experience.

There is nothing hidden.  We are real families, doing what we love, which allows us to do other things we love.



Discount Motor City

12882 King George Blvd,
Surrey BC, V3T2S9

604 628 0400


Winter hours:10:00AM-5:00PM Summer hours:10:00AM-7:00PM Open 7 Days per week

Our World-Wide Family

With our business thriving, we are able to support our families and others that depend on our success, including our world-wide family.

Our world-wide family includes three children that are not as fortunate as us. They need a little help and through Plan Canada, we are helping where we can.

It is not only a moral issue that makes us want to be trusted, honest, open and transparent with our business, it is our responsibility to you, our customers, and to the others that depend upon us.

We don’t want you to feel forced, or pressured to do anything you do not want to do. That is why we say, “we help you buy.” You will get No Pressure, No Push from us. We will listen, we will be respectful and do everything possible to get you into the vehicle you want.

What goes around, comes around. We believe the success of our business will depend upon building trust, and being honest with our customers. It will be doing everything possible to make our customers very happy, by providing the best in used vehicle sales, delivering integrity, honesty, hard work and passionate service.
Here are pictures of the other two kids we sponsor.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line; our used vehicle sales business is not only about us. It is about being what we believe our customers want us to be. It is about two families working together, supporting things and organizations we love and those who can use some help.

Come and see us. All of us will attend to you 100%. Give us a call, Email, or Text. We will do everything possible to provide a level of care and service that speaks to you as our most valuable client.

We love the idea of having a business focusing on used vehicle sales in Surrey, selling to Vancouver and the rest of the province of BC. What it means to us is, we can deliver the “WOW” to your car buying experience, and can continue to support the great work of Plan Canada, others in Vancouver and our adopted country, Peru. All from having a business of used vehicle sales in Surrey, BC.

Why Peru?

Many think it is an interesting story.

It started a number of years ago. On a holiday to Peru with a friend, I was asked if I could take a morning and speak at a local school. Off I went and into the class came this lady that caught my eye.

After my talk about Canada, which the kids loved, I waited at the entrance to the school on the off-chance the lady would come out. She did. We introduced ourselves and after 14 trips to Peru in the following twelve months, she arrived in Canada for a visit. Later, we were engaged, married in 2008, and we have been inseparable ever since.

As the world turns, my wife’s sister met a Canadian fellow who was a car sales person, with more than 30 years’ experience. To make a long story short, they were married in 2015 and love each other to bits. And our business, Discount Motor City for used car sales in Surrey, BC came to life.

Now you know the story.

Thanks, and we look forward helping you with used vehicle sales in Surrey, BC. Please contact us by Email at discount@discountmotorcity.ca, by telephone at (604) 628 0400 or through our Website.

Best wishes from all of us.

Angelina Carlo Sandra Wayne


We Would Love to Help You Buy Your Next Used Vehicle

Come and meet the owners, Angelina and Sandra.