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I have been helping at my wife’s business, Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealers, Surrey, located right in the middle of the King George Blvd used car dealerships for the better part three years.  I can now speak with some experience; used car sales is not an easy business as many people think there is a “catch.”

The Catch in Used Car Sales?

A couple of examples will suffice; the other day, an elderly gentleman came onto our lot at 12882 King George Blvd., Surrey, BC.  His body language clearly showed he was cautious, if not a little intimidated.  I greeted him with a friendly “hello,” and we began to chat about anything but cars.

It then came out, his catch was the firm belief all used cars were lemons, based upon his experience with a used car of 1997 vintage.  He did explain proudly, however, how he was able to fix all the problems himself.

In another case, a young lady came onto the lot and had her eye on one particular car.  After showing her the vehicle inspection report, the CarProof and her taking the car for a drive, she asked, “what is the catch?”

“Catch,” I asked?  “What catch?”  To which she replied, “what is wrong with the car?”  After some questioning, she confirmed that a friend had told her there was always a catch with buying a used car.  And “the catch” was the things wrong with the car that the salespeople would not tell her about.  In other words, all used cars were lemons and salespeople could not be trusted.

In the end, the young lady purchased the car and has come back a couple of times to say she is “very happy.”

Who Sells Used Cars?

The people selling used cars fit into three categories:

1.   The person who owns a car and for whatever reason wants to sell it.  This is the person who is legitimately selling the family or personal car.

Warning about buying from a curber2.   The person who sells cars without a license and is commonly referred to as a “Curber”.  To see some really interesting stuff from the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC about Curbers and buying privately, CLICK HERE and for some videos that will give you a chuckle, CLICK HERE.

3.   The licensed dealer, which includes Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, BC.   We are licensed by and held to very strict standards by the Vehicle Sales Authority of BC. (VSA).

What are Your Rights Buying from a Used Car Dealer?

To read about your rights when buying from a licensed dealer, CLICK HERE for information provided by the VSA.  If you buy privately or from a Curber, these “rights” do not apply, which means, no consumer protection.

What’s the Catch?

 The “catch?”  When buying from a private person or a Curber, there are no regulations or requirements to tell you anything about the vehicle.  There are no standards for honesty and there is no one who can help you if your vehicle was not a good catch.

At Discount Motor City, used car sales, Surrey, BC, we are a boutique, family-owned used car business.  There is not “catch.”  We take our responsibilities of transparency and honesty very seriously, building our business one customer at a time.  We are in our third year of business and have not faced any Compliance Actions by the VSA.  With us, there is no catch, unless you consider, hard work, thorough vehicle inspections, transparency and honesty from a dealer, a good catch.

Buy Your Used Car from Discount Motor City

If you want a “good catch” when looking for your used car, why not drop in to see us at 12882 King George Blvd, just across the Patullo Bridge on the Surrey side.  We have a great range of used cars, great prices, and will do everything possible to earn your business.

We offer “no push, no pressure” service and would love to help you buy your used car.  Best wishes and happy motoring from all of us at Discount Motor City, the premier of used car dealers, Surrey, BC.

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