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We all do things we should not do while in a vehicle; How many people still drink and drive, and use their cell phones?  It is not surprising that many people driving, or in a vehicle are exposed to these five dangerous driving habits.

The Five Dangerous Driving Habits

Sometimes people do not realize how dangerous these five bad habits are. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, please do not let these five dangerous driving habits affect you.

Number 1

Don’t Do This

Riding with your feet up on the dash.  It may be “cool dude,” but it puts you at serious risk.  Don’t believe me; take a look around the internet.  There are lots of examples of people who have been seriously injured or killed because they were sitting with their feet up on the dash.  With your feet up on the dash, your seatbelt does not protect you properly, and, your body will be exposed to incredible and unnatural forces.

Number 2

Letting your pet sit on your lap, or having them loose in your vehicle.

 Faster than a blink of the eye, a pet on the lap can easily be killed by an airbag, then turned into a “cannonball,” driven with extreme force into your abdomen.  This can cause serious internal injuries.

Dangers for your Dog and for You

Did you know it is illegal to drive with a pet on your lap?  People may think it is “cute” to see the family pet, ears flapping in the breeze while sitting on the driver’s lap.  But, it is just downright dangerous. 

And, you would not think of not buckling your child in.  Why not your pet?  Pet stores sell vehicle restraints, and as we all love our pets, buckle them in and keep them safe.

Number 3

Hooking the wheel when turning.

I know I have been guilty of this, reaching into the steering wheel with palms up, to turn a corner.   With your hands in this position, all that can be done is a quarter turn of the wheel.  Absolutely not safe and if you happen to crash with your hands in this position, the force of an airbag will break your wrist.

Number 4

Not turning your lights on when driving in poor weather.

We all know that our lights come on automatically with most cars when we turn them on.  But, have you ever checked to see if your taillights come on too?  With most vehicles, they do not. 

In bad weather, not turning your lights on can make your vehicle almost invisible to drivers behind you.  When the weather is poor, be safe and please turn on your lights.

Number 5

Driving with poor or improperly inflated tires.

Poor tires, or improperly inflated, make your vehicle unsafe.  This is not only a safety issue, but properly inflated tires can save you money with better gas mileage.

Tires in good condition are the best place to start to have a safe vehicle for you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to call on us at Discount Motor City, used car dealership, Surrey, BC

Discount Motor City, Used Car Dealerships, Surrey, BC

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