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By, Discount Motor City, The Best of the Used Car Dealerships.

Discount Motor City, used cars Surrey, BC, provides an almost daily blog on issues that our family-owned business believes may be of interest to you.

Today, we are talking about pollen; not the impact it has on allergies, but how to protect your car.

Spring and Pollen

As we move into Spring, and if your vehicle is parked outdoors, it could very well end up having a yellow tinge to it, caused by pollen.  Pollen can not only make your car look bad; but it can also damage the surfaces. 

A Few Tips

Here are a few tips on things you can do to minimize the pollen on and in your car:

tips from discount motor city, used car dealerships

1 The easiest, if available, is to move your car indoors.  If not, you might want to invest in a car cover to put on your car whenever you park outside.

2. And don’t forget about the interior of your car.  Nothing is worse (well almost) that trying to clean pollen from the floorboard, dash and seats, especially if you have cloth seats.  The easiest way to cut down on this problem is to remember to shut you’re the car windows.

3. Wash all the feet that are going to get into your car.  That includes your feet, and those of your family, friends, and don’t forget the pets.  It is unbelievable what feet can track into a vehicle.

4. Unless you are bald, wear a hat.  Hair is a “pollen magnet.” Inside a vehicle, guess where the pollen will land.  Don’t forget to give your hat a shake before you enter the vehicle.

5. Before it is too late, give your vehicle a good wax job.  Waxing will provide a less attractive surface for pollen, making it much easier to wash the pollen off your car.

6. Clean and/or replace your car’s filters.  And don’t forget the cabin filter which most cars nowadays are equipped with.  New or cleaned filters will trap much of the pollen that could otherwise enter your vehicle.

What About Cleaning?

Take a few minutes each day to hose down your vehicle.  Not letting pollen to build up will make a big difference to cleaning efforts. 

There are specialty car dusters that have paraffin embedded in the fibers to help with the dusting off of your car.  Why not buy one and give your car a dust once or twice a day?

Don’t be shy wiping down the interior of your vehicle.  Baby wipes work very well for this.

Take a few minutes to vacuum the interior of your vehicle once each week.  Keeping your car clean is a lot easier than cleaning up a large dust buildup.

If you want to have someone keep your car clean, come and see us at Discount Motor City, the best of used car dealerships, Surrey.  Our next door neighbour operates a detailing shop and they do a fantastic job, no matter how big or small the vehicle detailing job is.

Discount Motor City, the best of the Used Car Dealerships, Surrey, BC

At Discount Motor City, used car dealer, Surrey, we are as passionate about providing information, as we are about providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for our customers, and offering only quality used cars for sale in Surrey, BC. 

We do not try to push anyone into any vehicle but will help you with our “no push, no pressure” guarantee, to help you get into the used car, Surrey, you want.

Follow the tips on how to keep the pollen off your vehicle, and see us for the best buy sales of  quality used cars, Surrey.

And, that is all there is to it.  Happy motoring from all of us at Discount Motor City, one of the premier used car dealerships, Surrey, BC.

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