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Your used vehicle should have its oil changed about every 8,000 Kms.  How many, though, really think about that, or if they should use synthetic or conventional oil? 

What do you think?  At Discount Motor City, one of the premier used car dealerships, Surrey, we provide some thoughts on the subject.

What is the difference?

What is the difference between conventional and synthetic oil? Are there any benefits one way or the other?  Is it worth the extra cost?  The difference between conventional and synthetic oil is all about the origins.

Conventional oil, we all know where that comes from.  It all began a long time ago, beginning before dinosaurs walked on this earth, with a build-up of organic material under layers of sediment.  In making the oil, up to 40% of the volume are typically oil-blend additives that break down over time, making the conventional oil ineffective in protecting your engine.

Synthetic oil began as a World War II experiment, leading to today, where it is synthesized from methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.  Synthetic oil has fewer additives, which makes it much more stable over time of use, allowing for extended times between oil changes.

What About Cost and Benefits?

Is the added cost of synthetic oil worth it?  It does cost significantly more than conventional oil, but many studies have shown that synthetic oil keeps engines in better condition than conventional oil.  Better engine conditions result in a longer running and happier engine.  If those things are important to you, then maybe, have a look at using synthetic oil.

And, while on the subject of cost and benefits, why not check out one of our past blogs on what you can do to help your car. CLICK HERE

What Should You Use?

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In the end, it’s a personal decision.  Synthetic oil costs more, but it does give you and your vehicle significant benefits.  Why not come in to talk to us about it at Discount Motor City, where we offer nothing but quality used cars for sale, Surrey, and browse our inventory in our guaranteed, “no push, no pressure” environment?

Discount Motor City, Centre of the King George Used Car Dealerships

At Discount Motor City, used car dealer, Surrey, BC, we are as passionate about providing accurate information, as we are about providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for our customers, and offering only quality used cars for sale in Surrey, BC.

Come to Discount Motor City, in the centre of the King George used car dealerships, where we will happily provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, including:

1. The Vehicle Inspection Report.  Each one of our used cars offered for sale goes through an exhaustive inspection by an independent and certified mechanic.  The Report will provide you with an excellent independent assessment of the condition of the vehicle.

2. The CarFax Report. The CarFax provides a separate record of the history of a used car, and no one should consider purchasing a used car without first having reviewed the CarFax.

3. The Recall Checklist. We believe we are the first used car dealership, Surrey, to provide a Recall Checklist for used cars for sale.  The Recall Checklist includes information about the status of recalls on the used cars we have for sale.

At Discount Motor City, used car dealer, Surrey, BC, our goal is to help you find the best buy sales, Surrey, and that can only happen by providing you with all the information available so you can make an informed decision.  We do not try to push anyone into any vehicle but will help you with our “no push, no pressure” guarantee, to help you get into the used car you want.

Come see us for the best buy sales of a quality used car, Surrey, and happy motoring from all of us at Discount Motor City, one of the premier used car dealers, Surrey, BC.

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